PlanoHero - creating and deploying shop planogram
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About us

The PlanoHero service was created in 2017 to optimize planogramming processes in retail and is being developed as part of the IT product company provides online services for collecting and analyzing retail data. The services are sold now in more than 17 countries around the world and help store chains use sales data to optimize processes and increase turnover.

About the service

PlanoHero provides a full cycle of merchandising process:

The service also includes a number of analytical reports for analyzing the shelf’s layout, stock, and profitability. The service helps customers to identify hot and cold zones in stores, customer movement, shortage or oversupply of goods on the shelves.

Our goal is to develop a system that automates all planogramming processes and adjust the layout itself based on sales or gives recommendations to managers for adjusting the layout.

A large team of programmers, analysts and managers are working to make complex retail processes smooth, communication between the office and stores fast, increase efficiency and reduce losses.


PlanoHero is the exclusive partner of NielsenIQ, an international company that provides sales analytics, software solutions and specialized research in 100+ countries worldwide for retailers and manufacturers. Together we develop the PlanoHero service and help automate the merchandising processes of Eastern European chains.