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Create Retail Equipment with a 2D/3D Builder

Create and edit any equipment for your store: from shelving to refrigerators. Use ready-made templates and create groups of commercial fixtures

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Equipment builder Equipment builder
Non-standard equipment

Non-standard equipment

Rack templates

Rack templates

3D model

3D model

Start the planogramming process with the equipment creation in PlanoHero!

  • Create Equipment of any Configuration

    PlanoHero allows you to create various types of equipment: classic racks, refrigerators, stands, boxes, display cases with boxes and hooks.

    Create equipment and plan shelf layout to meet your requirements!

  • 3D Model of the Equipment

    Ensure the accuracy of the equipment you've created with a 3D visualization. View the three-dimensional model of the equipment from different angles and perspectives

  • Equipment Templates

    The service offers ready-made templates for commercial equipment. Create groups of equipment and edit templates using the builder.

    Manage your equipment efficiently with PlanoHero!

Types of Equipment in PlanoHero Service

PlanoHero provides a wide range of ready-made store equipment. Once you've selected the appropriate equipment template in the service, you can easily tailor it to your specific needs. Use pre-built racks to effortlessly create shelf layouts

  • Shelving unit

  • Corner shelving

  • Showcase

  • Cabinet

  • Pallet

  • Box for cigarettes

  • Rack with hooks

  • Refrigerator

  • Checkout rack