[PlanoHero blog] ✔️ The Magic of Planogram Automation: Manual vs Automated Layout

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Creating a Layout with AI

Use artificial intelligence in the PlanoHero service to create a planogram layout. You can quickly generate a set of rules based on your preferences and apply it to any store within the chain

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Unlock the power of AI with PlanoHero

Try creating your own layout using artificial intelligence. Within the service window, you can either specify the criteria for creating a layout rule on a planogram or use pre-made queries. Achieve your perfect layout effortlessly with just a few clicks!

AI Features in PlanoHero Service

Save time by creating layout rules using artificial intelligence


Layout Rules in Seconds

Create rules for the arrangement of products on the planogram using AI. Specify product grouping and display conditions in detail. Consider the targeted layout percentages or sales ratios to determine product placement on shelves. Apply the rules across all stores in the chain


Layout Conditions

Create rules by defining essential layout parameters. Provide comprehensive details in the request. Group products by category, brand, shelf, and sort by price. Set limitations on the number of faces or display height


Filling the Free Space on Shelves with Products

Set up an AI rule with extra conditions for product placement, which will help prevent empty shelf space. Use the ability to swiftly and effectively fill shelves with products


Efficient In-store Layout

AI assists in developing optimal layout guidelines for maximizing space efficiency and boosting sales. Use artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance your layout and avoid mistakes when creating planograms


Save Time and Resources

Use AI to create layout rules and save time on manual layout configuration. Free up specialists' time and focus their attention on other important processes within the chain