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Layout Rules in the PlanoHero Service

Create your own rules to automatically arrange products on a planogram. Group and sort products by various parameters to customize layout in a few clicks. Apply the defined rules to create a layout in any store of your chain

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Layout rules Layout rules
Automation of planogram creation

Automation of planogram creation

Flexible layout settings

Flexible layout settings

Standardization of layout across the chain

Standardization of layout

Try out the layout rules in the PlanoHero service!

  • Customize the Layout According to Your Specific Parameters

    Quickly create and customize layout rules in the PlanoHero service: from simple to complex multi-level grouping. Determine how to place products on the shelves according to your own rules

  • Standardize your Layout

    Other stores in the chain can use the same layout rules for planograms. Apply uniform layout rules to create consistency and recognition for the brand

  • Layout Rules with the Help of AI

    Generate display rules using artificial intelligence in the PlanoHero service. Submit a request with layout details to generate a rule with the appropriate settings

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Simplify the process of creating planograms with layout rules to increase sales in your retail chain!

Automate the Layout

Quickly customize the layout of products on the planogram. Apply the created rules to all store layouts. Automate the process of creating planograms with the help of layout rules in the PlanoHero service

Save Time

The generated layout rules greatly streamline the creation of planograms, allowing you to focus on strategic planning and analyzing the effectiveness of the chain processes. Simplify the planogramming process and save your merchandisers' time


Easily adapt the layout rules to changes in assortment, sales, supplier agreements, seasonality, or promotions. Timely adjustment of settings and flexibility of layout rules ensure that your planograms remain relevant and effective