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We're PlanoHero

PlanoHero is a universal tool for transforming merchandising, quickly creating planograms, and ensuring their proper execution in stores. We are a part of Datawiz BES, a powerful platform for retailers that specializes in analyzing and automating key retail processes.

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About PlanoHero service

PlanoHero service was created in 2017 to optimize planogramming processes in retail and is being developed as part of the product IT company Datawiz.io.

Datawiz.io provides online services for retail data collection and analytics. Currently, our services are traded in more than 17 countries worldwide and help retailers use sales data to increase profits, reduce losses, plan marketing activities, and optimize product assortment.

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We strive to help retailers automate the planogramming process. We know that this process can be easy, fast and efficient for every retail chain.

Our priorities:


We provide value that is measured by the success of store chains around the world, helping to increase profits and reduce costs via the smart layout that customers want to see on store shelves.


Automation makes life easier and reduces the time and resources teams spend on the merchandising process. After all, PlanoHero is not only about creating high-quality and fast planograms. It's about a unified process from creating a store plan to controlling the execution of the layout by store managers.


Together with retailers, we improve the service, involve customers in the process of creating new functionality that will meet their needs and simplify the merchandising process.

Our team

A team of programmers, analysts, and managers is working to streamline complex processes in retail, ensuring fast communication between the office and stores, enhancing efficiency, and reducing losses.

PlanoHero Team

We are trusted:

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