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Sending Planograms to the Store

Quickly send ready-made planograms to the store for execution with the PlanoHero service. Set deadlines and control the execution of the layout

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Sending planograms Sending planograms
Centralized sending

Centralized sending

Notifications on new planograms in the app

Notifications on new planograms in the app

Tracking deadlines

Tracking deadlines



Time Tracking

Use the PlanoHero service's time tracker to monitor the execution time of the store's layout. Specify enabling the time tracker when sending a planogram to a store


Sending Instantly

Quickly send ready-made planograms to stores with PlanoHero, ensuring accurate layout across your chain


Deadlines for Completing Layout

When sending planograms to stores, set clear deadlines for layout execution and provide flexibility to adjust them. Store managers will receive reminders to complete the planograms by the deadline


Status of sent planograms

Learn the status of a particular store's planogram: unexecuted, pending, re-executed, confirmed planograms. Ensure compliance with deadlines and monitor the timely process of merchandising execution

Quickly send planograms for execution in the PlanoHero service

  • Centralized Process of Sending Planograms

    Create, customize, and send planograms to stores in a single PlanoHero service without the need to switch to external messengers. The functionality of the service enables you to send planograms to stores individually or in bulk

  • Quick Notification on a New Layout

    Track notifications of new tasks in the PlanoHero mobile app. Timely notification of a new planogram will allow the store manager to quickly execute the store layout and meet deadlines

  • Improved Communication Between the Office and Stores

    Establish effective cooperation between the HQ and retail stores. Send planograms to stores and check photo reports of completed planograms. Confirm the correctness of the planograms or send them back for revision