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Plans & Pricing

Effective merchandising in action. Choose the PlanoHero plan that best suits your business requirements. Try a free demo today.

  • Starter

    The easiest way to start with the basic functionality of PlanoHero service

    $149 $1609 / month

    14 days of free trial. No credit card is required

    • Up to 10 store plans
    • Up to 500 planograms
    • Creating equipment of any configuration
    • Uploading products and images
    • Setting up auto-layout on planograms
    • Daily support by service support managers
  • Pro Popular

    For teams planning to implement a process of planоgram execution and monitoring

    $299 $3229 / month

    14 days of free trial. No credit card is required

    All the benefits of the Starter, plus:

    • Up to 50 store plans
    • Up to 1000 planograms
    • Uploading product sizes and updating parameters from database
    • Sending planograms for execution to the store
    • Setting deadlines for execution
    • Checking photo reports of executed planograms
  • Enterprise

    For teams interested in automating the layout process and analyzing performance

    $ / individually

    Contact us

    All the functionality of the Pro, plus:

    • Unlimited store plans
    • Unlimited planograms
    • Create your own product layout rules
    • PlanoHero Layout mobile app
    • Product rotation to replace inactive items
    • Analytical module and summary reports across the chain
    • Support in uploading data to the service

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Choose the plan that meets your business requirements


$149 $1609 / month


$299 $3229 / month


$ / individually

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Store plans
Create a store plan
Creating a library of planograms
Downloading a store plan from AutoCAD
Create planograms
Simplified auto-layout of goods
Downloading a ready-made layout from an Excel file
Auto layout of products
Restore planograms
Mirroring the layout
Creating block planograms
Highlighting products
Copying planograms
Layout rules
Creating equipment
Using equipment templates
History of changes and restoring the previous version
Update product parameters from the Listex catalog
Uploading product parameters from the database
Assortment types support
Work with product holes
PlanoHero Size App
Product rotation
Replacing seasonal and inactive products
Sending and control
Sending planograms for execution
Setting deadlines
Time tracker
Control of photo reports
History of planogram execution
PlanoHero Layout App
Analytics and comparison of plans
Analytics and comparison of planograms
Analytics of previous planogram versions
Summary reports on the chain
Daily data updates
Data available for download stores, categories, brands, products stores, categories, brands, products, suppliers, stocks, prices the entire list of indicators on the service for creating analytical reports
Data upload method XLS files XLS and Data Connector Data Connector / upload by PlanoHero team
Access to the knowledge base
Daily support
Support in data uploading

How do PlanoHero pricing plans work?

No additional or hidden fees


Choose a plan and sign up for a free trial of PlanoHero.


Use the service for 14 days for free. When the trial period expires, you can continue using the service with a paid plan.


Easily change your pricing plan as your business grows. Get access to the advanced functionality of PlanoHero.

Frequently asked questions

You can use PlanoHero for 14 days for free. All you need to do is sign up for the trial version of the service by filling out the form.

You can pay for a Starter or Pro plan by clicking on the button: Choose a plan on the "Payments and subscriptions" page, or Connect on the "Tariffs" page in the Admin Panel.

Payment for the selected pricing plan is charged immediately. On the day you subscribe to the "Starter" or "Pro" pricing plan, the amount of the subscription is charged from your credit card (Starter - $149, Pro - $299).

The subscription cost may be revised (increased or decreased) depending on changes in the product provided as part of the subscription. This is done to ensure the effectiveness of the services and to ensure they are in accordance with market changes, such as fluctuations in exchange rates, local taxes, or inflation.

We will notify you by email at least 7 (seven) days before any price increase. You can cancel your subscription if necessary before the price change is implemented.

The payment is carried out in a non-cash form in one of the following ways: payment via Fondy payment systems (via GooglePay, Apple Pay or the option to input a bank card).

Yes. You can change the payment method for your plan on the "Payment and subscription" page in the Admin Panel.

You can switch from a monthly to an annual subscription anytime and change your pricing plan.

The difference is in the subscription fee. In the case of monthly payments, the amount is charged on the same day each month. For example, if the payment is made on January 31, the next payment is made on the last day of the month (February 29, March 31, April 30, etc.).

In case of annual payment, a 10% discount is applied to the sum of the plan for 12 months.

No refunds are available after payment for the PlanoHero plan. By our terms and conditions and company policy, payment is final and non-refundable. Refunds for an unused but paid plan are possible only if the contractor refuses to provide services (for example, if the service cannot further operate, etc.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or comments regarding the company's policy, please get in touch with us at tonya@planohero.com

Yes, you can change your subscription plan at any time. When you upgrade from Starter to Pro, the change will be instantaneous, and the new plan will take effect immediately. The amount of the payment is calculated according to the number of days of the previous subscription. If you downgrade from Pro to Starter, the change does not occur immediately. The previously paid subscription plan will be valid until the end of the payment term.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time on the "Payment and subscription" page in the Admin Panel.

Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged for renewing your plan. You can continue using PlanoHero until the end of the paid plan.

Our plans are created to meet your needs. They include all the basic features in the Starter plan and additional functionality in the Pro and Enterprise plans.

If you're starting to explore planogramming or looking for a convenient solution for creating planograms, the Starter plan is the right choice. It offers a minimal set of functions for creating a planogram layout.

If you are concerned not only with creating planograms but also with advanced customization options and control over the execution of the layout in stores (sending planograms and checking them with photo reports), then the Pro plan will suit you.

If you want to automate and manage the process of planogramming in your chain, choose the Enterprise plan. Here, you can access the full functionality of the service: creating planograms, custom layout rules, working with assortment, controlling the execution of planograms, PlanoHero Layout mobile application, and analyzing layout efficiency.

Yes, daily support is available in all PlanoHero plans. Communication with a manager is possible through the support chat in the service and on the website planohero.com

There are no limits on the number of users in PlanoHero pricing plans. You can independently manage access to the service in your account settings. This feature is not available in the free demo version of PlanoHero.

There are no limits on the number of products in PlanoHero pricing plans. It is only during the free trial period of the PlanoHero service there are limits to the number of test products and the ability to upload up to 1000 SKUs.

Yes. You can use the plans/equipment/planograms created during the free trial period in a paid plan.

In the Starter plan, you can download the planogram specification in XLS or PDF format and send it to your colleagues via any messenger.

In the Pro plan, you can send planograms for execution through the service if the web version of PlanoHero service is available to the store manager.

In the Enterprise plan, you can send a planogram through the service if the store manager has the PlanoHero web version and the PanoHero Layout mobile application.

In the free trial version of the PlanoHero service, you can upload your own assortment of products up to 1000 SKUs by preparing XLS file with your products.

In the Starter plan, you can upload your data (stores, categories, brands, products) to the service by preparing the appropriate XLS files.

In the Pro plan, data on stores, categories, brands, products, suppliers, stocks and prices can be uploaded by preparing the appropriate XLS files or using the Connector tool.

In the Enterprise plan, the entire list of data required to generate analytical reports is uploaded via Connector or PlanoHero team specialists.

If you cancel your PlanoHero subscription, we store your data for 1 year.

After the free period of the PlanoHero service is over, we keep user data for 6 months.

We do this to enable users to continue using the service at any time without losing data. If you re-subscribe to a plan during this period (up to 6 months after the trial period or up to 1 year after the end of a paid subscription), your data will be available and you can continue using PlanoHero.

Protecting your business data is one of our top priorities. We use advanced tools to protect client information. Data is hosted on remote servers in Germany. The data centers comply with the international information security standards DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and are audited annually.

We regularly monitor and audit data security levels. SSL, TLS, and SSH protocols protect against virtual intruders. A weekly backup process is set up.

If you have any questions regarding using the service, try to find answers in the Knowledge Base helpdesk.planohero.com or reach out to the support chat within the service or at the website planohero.com.

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