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Free webinar by PlanoHero and NielsenIQ:
How to Increase Sales by 11% with Effective Layout?



On December 19, PlanoHero and NielsenIQ invite retailers to a free webinar on “Effective Retail Space Management and the Role of Perfect Planogramming in Increasing Sales by 11%”.

We will understand the intricacies of planogramming, share expertise and unique insights on setting up a planogram automation process.



Speaker of the webinar 

Vitaly Bryk 
Global Business Effectiveness Solutions Leader at NielsenIQ 


At the webinar, we will talk about important aspects of retail merchandising and show in practice the process of planogramming in PlanoHero service: one of the products of Datawiz BES analytics platform.


PlanoHero is a service for planogramming process automation, from planogram creation to in-store layout control.


Speaker Vitaly Bryk will share his expertise in retail, specifically:

  • Overview of FMCG market in Ukraine: In-depth analysis of trends and promising product categories based on NielsenIQ data. Gain unique insights into trends and new opportunities for retailers.
  • Key retail trends in 2023
  • How to effectively manage your retail space?
  • Perfect planogram creation and the role of category management: Practical tips and techniques to increase efficiency and optimize sales through planogramming
  • Step-by-step instructions on the planogramming process. Control of planogram execution.
  • The role of analytics in planogramming: How does the received data help the commercial department in negotiations with the supplier?
  • How to unite and motivate the commercial and operational departments to work together productively?
  • What mistakes do retailers make and what methods help to achieve results in managing the store's retail space?



 Bonuses for webinar participants

1. The guide “8 steps for effective category management”.

2. 10% discount on any solution of Datawiz BES analytical platform. 

3. Practical cases and demonstration of building a store plan, equipment, creating an ideal planogram in PlanoHero service. As well as the process of updating planograms, monitoring the layout execution in stores and analyzing the sales of product categories.

4. Drawing of free integration of Datawiz BES analytics platform solution or unique 1+1 offer (when buying one solution, the second one will be integrated and available for free for two years of contract).


Who will benefit from attending the webinar? 

  • Retail chain owners
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Commercial Directors
  • Heads of merchandising departments
  • Merchandisers
  • Planogramming specialists
  • Category Managers


Webinar date: December 19, 2024 

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