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How much does a program for creating planograms cost?

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Finding the right merchandising software for retailers can be challenging, especially when balancing cost and usability. Our PlanoHero software offers an ideal solution for retailers looking for an affordable and user-friendly tool to optimize the placement of products on shelves.


The solution is designed to automate the merchandising process and maximize sales. Our software is ideal for businesses of all sizes.


PlanoHero allows you to try and evaluate the functionality with a 14-day free trial and three flexible subscription plans. So, now is the perfect time to automate your planоgramming and improve your store's product layout.




A planogram is used to strategically place products to improve their visibility and accessibility, ultimately driving sales and improving inventory management. An effective planogram can transform a store by making it more attractive and functional for customers.



Benefits of PlanoHero planogram software

PlanoHero is a software developed with retailers in mind, offering features to simplify the process of creating planograms:


Easy navigation through the service. User-friendly interface. 

Easily create planograms and adjust the layout.


Ability to download a store plan from AutoCAD or create one in PlanoHero
Templates of various types of commercial equipment or building shelves of any configuration


Image Library

Access to information about product parameters (articles, sizes, images). Built-in search for product images in PlanoHero. Synchronization with the Listex electronic catalog provides a ready-made database of products with pictures and dimensions.


Processing tool

The full-cycle program covers the entire planogramming process. By choosing a processing tool with functionality that supports the whole chain merchandising process, there is no need to balance between different tools. This makes it possible to control all stages of the planogramming process with a single PlanoHero program.



The system of functions of the PlanoHero unified program for planogramming automation  includes:

  • Equipment creation
  • Building a store plan
  • Creating a planogram
  • Setting up the layout
  • Creation of layout rules and AI layout generation
  • Sending planograms to the store
  • Planogram execution in the store
  • Checking photo reports of realograms
  • PlanoHero mobile application
  • Analysis of planogram efficiency



How much does a program for creating planograms cost?

Prices for programs for creating planograms can vary significantly depending on the functionality, level of support, and additional features. Some programs can be purchased directly on the website, which is a very convenient and fast. This allows you to start working with a new tool almost instantly without needing a complicated process of negotiating and signing contracts.


On the other hand, some programs cannot be purchased independently. They require extensive negotiations, detailed discussion of terms and conditions, and signing of contracts. This can be a complicated and time-consuming process.


PlanoHero offers flexible and affordable subscription options that can be easily purchased online. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly start using the program to optimize your layout. 
However, before you buy a planogram program, PlanoHero offers a 14-day free trial period to try and evaluate the program's functionality. Only then you can decide on purchasing a service subscription.

PlanoHero offers three different subscription plans; each focused on different levels of business:



The Starter plan is ideal for those looking for basic but effective functionality for creating planograms.

Functionality included in Starter package:

  • up to 10 store floor plans;
  • commercial equipment of any type;
  • up to 500 custom planograms;
  • updating product parameters;
  • simplified auto-loading or downloading from Excel; 
  • daily support from our support managers.

Cost - $149 per month




If you are interested not only in creating planograms but also in advanced features for customizing planograms and controlling the execution of store displays, then the Pro plan will suit you. 
The plan's advantages include the ability to upload various types of data, send planograms to the store for execution, set deadlines, and monitor executed planograms.


Functionality included in the Pro package:

  • up to 50 store floor plans; 
  • commercial equipment;
  • up to 1000 custom planograms; 
  • auto-layout on the planogram;
  • sending planograms to the store for execution;
  • time tracking with a time tracker;
  • checking photo reports of completed planograms;
  • downloading data via Connector or Excel files.

 Cost - $299 per month



The Enterprise plan is the best choice for those looking for complete control and automation of the chain planogramming process. It gives you access to the full functionality of the service, including creating planograms, setting up layout, working with assortment, monitoring the execution of planograms, the PlanoHero Layout mobile application, and analyzing layout efficiency.


Features of the Enterprise package:

  • unlimited number of store plans;
  • unlimited number of planograms;
  • customization of your own layout rules;
  • mobile application for accessing planograms;
  • rotation of goods;
  • analytical module and reports on the chain;
  • support in data download.

The cost of Enterprise is calculated individually.


All PlanoHero subscription plans include daily support from support managers. 

PlanoHero is known for its user-friendly design and intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all technical skills.


Here's what some of our customers say:

With PlanoHero, we have significantly improved our merchandising department's functioning: reduced time spent on planogram creation, controlled costs, increased employee productivity, and optimized chain performance. PlanoHero provides us with everything we need: a web version, automatic planogram creation, mobile applications for store managers, an analytical module, and a control unit. We are grateful to PlanoHero team for their innovative approach to automating processes in merchandising and for providing us with a convenient tool for our company." - Shokhislom Isaev, merchandising development manager of «Korzinka» chain.


With PlanoHero, we managed to solve the problem of product layout. Developing planograms and layout control are functionalities that we actively use. In PlanoHero, we receive reports highlighting SKUs, which help us understand things that need to be changed to increase sales. And when we open a new store, we don't waste time arranging the products and guessing whether they will fit on the shelves. We understand precisely what products are and how to place them in the store. We have saved a lot of time and effort in creating planograms, and now, when we open new stores, we don't have any issues with the assortment." - Oleksandr Koval, IT Director at E-Zoo.



How to get started with PlanoHero

It's easy to get started! Sign up for a 14-day free trial at



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Click the “Try it for free” button and complete the sign-up form.


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After filling in all the data, you can access a free demo version of PlanoHero.

Explore the service's functionality during the trial period and see how PlanoHero can help your stores. When you're ready, upgrading to a paid subscription will be easy and straightforward.

Also, read the stories of our customers about how they implemented the service in their stores.




PlanoHero offers an unbeatable combination of affordable price, ease of use, and powerful functionality, making it the perfect choice for retailers looking to automate their store merchandising. Sign up for a free trial today!

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