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Planogram creation tools

Benefits of PlanoHero

Planogram with the help of AI




The right planogram is the key to successful sales


A planogram is not just a scheme of shelves with goods, but the most important tool in retail. It defines the exact location of each product, which determines whether customers will notice it.

Creating a planogram is a strategic process. The result will be evaluated by how effectively the product will be sold. Therefore, it is essential that the layout displayed on the shelves exactly matches the created planogram. To do this, it is critical to establish a process for creating, executing, and monitoring planograms using convenient tools. 



Planogram Creation Tools


Planograms are often created in Excel, in the form of ordinary tables with product names. But such planograms have a number of drawbacks. Products can be easily confused because the names of different SKUs may be similar, and it's not very convenient to add pictures in Exel. As a result, there will be many inaccuracies in the layout. Such a planogram won't work when checking the layout in the store, either. The merchandiser can easily make a mistake and not notice the mismatch between the display and the planogram. Difficulties also arise when there are a lot of planograms, and they need to be constantly updated.


To increase the usability of planograms and make life easier for retailers, PlanoHero planogram software has been developed. It is a convenient tool for automating the planogramming process. The solution helps to create planograms, easily edit them, send them to stores, track the correct placement of products on the shelves and get detailed analytics.



Planogram in PlanoHero service

Planogram in the PlanoHero service



Benefits of PlanoHero:


  • Planograms are created faster than in Excel.
  • The service covers the entire process of planogramming: the process of creating planograms, setting up the layout, executing planograms in the store, and analyzing their effectiveness.
  • User-friendly interface and the ability to work with planograms across the entire chain.
  • Quickly update products from the image library in the service: built-in search for images and product sizes.
  • Easy integration with Planohero. All data is uploaded directly to the PlanoHero database. 
  • Access to planograms both from the desktop version of the program and from the PlanoHero planogram mobile app.
  • Generating layouts using artificial intelligence (AI).



Let us consider how the PlanoHero service uses artificial intelligence to generate planograms.



AI-powered Planogram


PlanoHero specialists have recently implemented artificial intelligence into the service "Layout Rules" functionality. Now users of the service can quickly create layouts on the planogram with the help of AI. The updated module of the service "AI Layout Rules" allows to instantly generate rules for the placement of goods on the shelves and apply it in any stores of the chain.


In order to create your own layout with the help of artificial intelligence you need to describe your requirements for creating a layout rule on the planogram. Thus, in the text field you need to write how the products should be laid out on the planogram. As a result, the artificial intelligence will turn the text into a layout rule and automatically set all the appropriate settings on the planogram.


At the same time, you can use an already ready-made prompt to create layouts. For example, you can create a vertical layout by brand, taking into account the sales indicators.



AI layout rule generation in PlanoHero service

AI-powered layout rule in PlanoHero service



Creating a planogram layout using AI allows you to take into account the planned percentage of display or sales ratios to calculate the placement of products on the shelves. When creating a query, you can describe the layout conditions in as much detail as possible: group products by category, brand, shelf, and sort by price, or limit the number of faces or height of the layout. And most importantly, the layout rules created with the help of AI can be immediately applied to other planograms in any stores of the chain.

AI helps to create optimal layout rules for efficient use of space and increase sales. The functionality of the service allows you to speed up the work with the layout and avoid mistakes when creating planograms.


This approach saves specialists time on manual adjustment of the layout and allows them to focus their attention on other important processes of the chain.


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