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  PlanoHero Demo Update With New Features For Merchandisers




Table of Contents:

What does PlanoHero Demo Mean?

What is PlanoHero?

Who Can Benefit from the Service?

How to Start Using the Demo?

What are the Changes in the Updated  PlanoHero Demo?



Today the PlanoHero team has some important news to share - the release of a new free demo version of the service for automating the process of creating planograms.

The updated demo requires no additional technical skills and is designed to help users easily and quickly create planograms. Therefore, the new demo version of the PlanoHero service offers, first of all, convenient functionality and new possibilities for working with planograms.


With the new PlanoHero demo, merchandisers and category managers can try out updated features and an intuitive interface.


The improved functionality of the service simplifies the process of creating plans and planograms and will help to customize the layout of products in your store, ensuring the best shopping experience for customers.


PlanoHero will help to increase the efficiency of layouts and sales by automating the process of managing planograms and product assortment.



What does PlanoHero Demo Mean?


The service demo allows you to try PlanoHero for free to work with planograms. This is an opportunity to test the functionality and see how PlanoHero can improve and automate existing retail processes.

The user-friendly interface in the demo version, clear navigation, and improved interaction between the different functionalities of the service make it possible to quickly create a planogram and place merchandise on it. Additionally, the new demo allows merchandisers to work efficiently with products, update their parameters in a comprehensive way, and customize the placement of each SKU on the planogram.



What is PlanoHero?


PlanoHero is a service for automating the planogramming process of a chain. The solution helps retailers set up the entire merchandising process: from creating planograms to monitoring their execution in the store.  



Benefits of PlanoHero :


  • Quick work with planograms and layouts;


  • Comfortable navigation within the service;


  • Easy and clear interaction between different steps of the merchandising process;


  • Setting up an automated planogramming process in the full version of the service or a 14-day free trial period with partial functionality.



Who Can Benefit From the Service?


The PlanoHero service is designed specifically for retailers. It is actively used by large and medium-sized store chains and supermarkets, their merchandising and planogramming departments. PlanoHero automation tool helps planogram specialists and merchandisers reduce the time to build planograms and set up layouts on a planogram in a few clicks.



How to Start Using the Demo?


When developing the demo, the PlanoHero team focused on customizing the interaction between the different functionalities of the service to ensure fast and efficient work with merchandise and planograms. By signing up for the new PlanoHero demo, merchandisers will be able to load merchandise in a few clicks, create a store floor plan and equipment and start creating layouts on the planogram.


For this purpose, the New Start page of the demo was created, which provides quick navigation for new users. With this step, we advise to start using the PlanoHero service. The start page of the demo allows you to familiarize yourself with the functionality and quickly understand where to start working with PlanoHero. Here you can see a video of how the service functionality works with the ability to go directly to the execution of each step separately.



Start page demo PlanoHero



How to get started with PlanoHero service demo:


  1. Sign up for free demo access.

  2. Upload your own assortment of products or use a test set of products.

  3. Create store equipment in the service constructor.

  4. Create a plan of the store or load it from AutoCAD.

  5. Update the parameters of the products from Listex, if necessary.

  6. Start creating planograms.



1. Sign up

Register and get access to the free version of the PlanoHero service.


New demp PlanoHero



2. Choosing the Assortment Type

In order to work with the planograms it is necessary to choose the assortment type, i.e. the products to be placed on the shelves. The service PlanoHero allows you to choose an updated test assortment of products. This is a ready list of goods (1000 SKU), which can be used for displaying on planograms.


Assortment in demo PlanoHero



One more option of the updated demo is the ability to upload your own assortment of products. Even if the user initially selected a ready-made assortment, it can be changed at any time and his own list of products can be uploaded. The service allows you to upload up to 1,000 SKUs, whereas, in the previous version of the demo, the number of products was limited to 200 SKUs.


 Note: When uploading an Excel file with your own goods, you must follow the suggested document template. After uploading, the service system will check and validate the file with your products in accordance with the template.



Download own products in demo PlanoHero



3. Creating Store Equipment


Demo users can take advantage of ready-made retail equipment templates. Different variants of standard store fixtures are available in the service: shelving units, racks, cabinets, showcases, boxes, etc. As well as groups of racks of different sizes. The wide range of equipment allows not to waste time on creating racks, choose ready-made equipment, and go straight to the stage of setting up the layout of the planogram.



Choose equipment in demo PlanoHero



At the same time, users have the ability to create new commercial equipment with individual dimensions on their own. To do this, we advise using the service's convenient constructor with a drag-and-drop function for creating equipment.



Equipment builder in demo PlanoHero



4. Store Floor Plan

Demo access to PlanoHero service allows you to create a store floor plan by yourself, place your own equipment, and create planograms. Or upload your store floor plan to the service and reduce the time it takes to build it. The PlanoHero service allows you to download an AutoCAD file to work faster with store plans.



Store plan in demo PlanoHero




5. Updating Product Parameters

The demo version of the service allows you to fully operate with the assortment of your store. The ability to update product parameters with the help of the built-in Listex catalog and downloads from google search helps keep relevant sizes and images of your products.


Update product parameters with Listex




Products parameters in PlanoHero


In addition, in the PlanoHero demo, it is also possible to update the parameters of a separate group of products. To do this, it is necessary to use special filters of the service and simultaneously update all selected products.

This allows you to save time on searching for product parameters and update them automatically in whole categories.


Update product parameters with filters in PlanoHero




6. Creating Planograms and Setting Up Autolayout

Free test access to PlanoHero service provides opportunities for planogram creation and product layout setup on the established equipment. To create a planogram, you need to select the equipment and create a list of products.



Planogram PlanoHero


Advanced functionality for working with planograms in the demo version allows you to configure general parameters: set the depth, height, number of faces. 






In the process of setting up the layout in the demo version, some functions are available:


  • sorting products by size (descending or ascending) within one shelf;


  • alignment of products (by left/right edge or by shelf width);


  • 3D model of the planogram.


Having considered all the stages of creating planograms, let's summarize the main advantages of the new demo version of PlanoHero.



What are the changes in the updated PlanoHero service demo?


  • Improved interaction for quick work with products and planograms.


  • Ability to update product images and sizes using the built-in Listex catalog and apply filters to update individual product categories.


  • New service home page for quick navigation and onboarding of new users in the PlanoHero service.


  • Updating the range of test items up to 1000 SKUs.


  • Improved process of uploading user's own assortment with the validation process.


  • The ability to upload your own store floor plan from AutoCAD to the service.


  • Extended functionality for customizing the layout on the planogram (autolayout, sorting, and alignment of products).


If you're looking for a planogram tool with the ability to efficiently manage your store's layouts and assortment, be sure to try the new demo version of PlanoHero today.

We're sure you'll love the updated functionality and ease of use, and we're always here to help if you have any questions. 

Improve your exposure with the new PlanoHero service demo!


Want to learn how to create planograms quickly and easily and save time? Try the PlanoHero demo for free.


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