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5 tips for Visual Merchandising. How to Boost Sales with Planogram Software? 


Visual merchandising is a set of solutions and processes to maximize the attention of buyers. This is visual and emotional involvement, comfort, and willingness of customers to make a purchase. The ultimate goal of visual merchandising is to use retail space to increase sales by making the store stand out and attract customers. a well-thought-out store plan and planogram, color, lighting, technologies, and merchandising principles are used to achieve the goals.

Visual merchandising is often described as follows: the buyer saw the product, liked it, and made a purchase.


Retailers are trying to maximize the use of retail space with two goals:


1. Provide the buyer with a comfortable search for goods and making purchases.


2. Increase the price of average checks and ensure sales growth.


Therefore, competent visual merchandising and placement of goods on the shelves play a huge role in attracting the attention of buyers. So,  the merchandising departments use store planograms for attractive layouts.


Planogram - a visual plan scheme with the placement of goods on the trade equipment. With the help of special planogram software, a merchandiser can create a planogram and customize the parameters of the layout. When placing goods on a planogram, a huge number of different characteristics of goods and equipment are automatically taken into account. In addition, the layout is based on historical sales, agreements with suppliers and brands, as well as the main principles of merchandising.


5 visual merchandising tips to boost in-store sales


1. Your layout is focused on your customers. Make sure you know exactly who your customers are and how to get their attention. And most importantly - what are they looking for in your stores? Showcase your most popular products prominently and drive sales with eye-catching product displays. Provide important product information. Show your imagination, experiment with lighting and unusual placement, inspire the buyer, and figure out how to arouse interest and purchase.


2. Balance in everything. We do not discourage you from using bright colors or extraordinary designs. They really can work. But we advise you to approach the issue of vision and design wisely and maintain a balance in everything, including visual merchandising. Tip: for premium products, use the principle of "concise, simple, but tasteful".


3. The five-second principle for signage. Remember that each plate, signboard, advertising stand, or pointer must be specific, concise, and relevant to the point. Make sure your signage is understandable to customers. You have 5 seconds to grab a customer's attention, whether it's a sale, a special price on a product, an advertisement for a specific brand, or just a direction pointer. If you think that the buyer will stop or look twice, alas, he is unlikely to do so.


4. The rule of three. One of the proven principles of merchandising is when goods are placed in a set of three items. It could be three products side by side, or different products in three different sizes or features, or it could be three different price ranges. This placement attracts buyers.


5. Use tools to automate retail planogramming. Technologies are our present and our future. Choose a service that will help you implement your merchandising strategy. PlanoHero is a cloud-based visual merchandising service.


Here you can configure the automation of all retail planogramming processes:


  • Floorplanning.


  • Equipment and shelf creation.


  • Assortment planning.


  • Receiving photo reports from stores.





Benefits of PlanoHero implementation:



  • 40% decrease in lost sales by continuous monitoring and mitigation of stock loss.


  • Increasing product visibility and thereby boosting your sales.


  • Standardization of visual product layout in stores.


Customize, manage, monitor the layout of goods, and increase sales with the help of PlanoHero - a single platform for the automation of planogramming process in the entire retail chain.


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