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Why Do Retailers Need Planogram Software? Find answers to your questions



The evolving landscape of consumer behavior and store management strategies prompts retailers to adapt their approaches. The significance of effective merchandising and the utilization of quality planogram software in retail is on the rise. Let's delve into key aspects, highlighting the importance of proper planogramming and addressing the question, “Why do retailers need planogramming?”



Enhancing Competition and Retail Space Efficiency through Planogramming

With intensified competition, retailers seek ways to make their retail spaces more efficient. Utilizing planograms allows you to optimally arrange products to improve their visibility and attractiveness to customers. PlanoHero program streamlines retail space, offering a unique tool that automates the entire chain's planogramming process, from creating and optimizing a store plan, equipment, and planograms to monitoring and analyzing the execution of the layout. Such tools enable control from start to finish, significantly reducing errors and resource loss, providing an edge over competitors, and ensuring shelf layouts that boost sales.



Personalized Shopping Experience

Modern consumers increasingly expect a personalized shopping experience (convenience, ease of product discovery, and on-shelf availability). This strategy is achievable if you use high-quality planogram software that allows you to customize the location of retail equipment placement on the store plan and product placement on shelves tailored to customer needs and shopping habits. 



Customers make 60% of their decisions at the store shelf.
If customers do not find the right product, 21% will buy it elsewhere.
37% of customers will stay in the store but buy another brand.

Data by NIQ


Analysis of Shelf Placement Effectiveness on Planograms

Planogram software analyzes data on the effectiveness of planograms with different layouts and product categories.  Thus, planogramming programs are used not only to create layouts but also to evaluate the efficiency of placing goods on store shelves.

Thus, programs for planograms are used not only to create a layout but also to evaluate the effectiveness of placing goods on store shelves.


Swift Assortment Optimization and Efficient Inventory Management in Planogram Software

Retailers have to quickly adjust to changes in consumer preferences and demand. Planogram creation software allows rapid adaptation of store assortments and product positioning in line with new trends.


The PlanoHero planogram software aids in controlling assortment changes by:

  • gathering data on new SKUs to be featured on planograms;
  • timely identification of items to be removed from planograms;
  • tracking slow-moving products;
  • conducting rapid rotation by replacing items on planograms in a few clicks.


Moreover, utilizing the PlanoHero solution is an opportunity for chains to analyze and forecast sales of specific products from certain shelves on the planograms. Now it will be easy to identify the best-selling products for each store in the chain and plan future layouts on planograms based on sales analysis.


The use of planogram software is becoming a necessity for retailers in a world of rapid change where meeting customer needs is the primary goal.  Modern planogramming tools help optimize product placement, meet the demands of today's consumers, and enhance sales. 



Key Advantages of Planogram Software 

Optimization of retail space in a store using planogram software allows you to maximize the use of available space. For instance, PlanoHero's planogramming tool aids in configuring a digital store representation in the required dimensions: creating a store layout, placing commercial equipment, and forming planogram layouts based on product and fixture characteristics. Utilizing PlanoHero for planogram layout efficiently arranges products, minimizes wasted space, and prevents out-of-stock situations.


The heat map of customer movement within the store in the PlanoHero service assists in analyzing customer traffic and identifies zones with planograms on the floor plan with the highest and the lowest sales indicators. For instance, one can analyze which days of the week and hours show the highest purchases of a specific item on a specific planogram.


PlanoHero heatmap


Based on this analysis, it is possible to organize effective product placement, aiding convenient shopper navigation through the sales area, and use attractive layouts to stimulate increased purchases. 



Enhancing Product Display in Stores

Utilizing planogram software enables the creation of aesthetically appealing product layouts that attract shoppers' attention. Crafting an attractive layout, improving visibility, and ensuring product availability on shelves increases customer interest in certain products or promotional offers on the shelves, helping to increase sales. 


These benefits highlight how planogram software aids retailers in enhancing store space management efficiency, improving visual product representation, and making layouts more effective.


PlanoHero planogram



Parameters for Shelf Placement in Planograms

One critical aspect of effective in-store planogramming is access to accurate and reliable data. Retailers require programs that provide reliable information regarding product sizes and parameters.

PlanoHero ensures timely updates and parameter actualization, a pivotal factor in avoiding errors in shelf space planning. Synchronization with the Listex electronic catalog provides a ready-made database of products with images and dimensions. Additionally, the PlanoHero program offers built-in Google image search functionality, facilitating the maintenance of up-to-date product dimensions and images within planograms.




Product update in PlanoHero




Flexibility and Extensive Customization Capabilities in Planogram Software

Retailers require software that allows flexible customization of product placements to suit the specific needs of their stores. This might include non-standard shelf arrangements, additional sections, drawers, hooks for promotional items, and more. Such planogram services should be intuitive and user-friendly for individuals without advanced technical skills. Features like store layout planning, a convenient equipment constructor, and the ability to drag-and-drop products onto fixtures expedite the planogram process, saving specialists' time.


Drag-and-drop functionality in PlanoHero planogram software



Continual Customer Support and Training for Software Use

The PlanoHero team offers competent support for current customers and consultations on any issues related to the use and integration of the service. Accessible educational materials and documentation are crucial aspects for swift software implementation in operations.

When choosing planogramming software, retailers should consider numerous factors outlined in this article. Understanding and incorporating these requirements will help in selecting software that best fits your needs and enhances store planning efficiency. Try the free PlanoHero demo!

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