Planogramming department. Or is it possible to get by with one planogram maker?


First, let's figure out what the planogram department is and what its functions are.


Such a department will be engaged in the creation of planograms, sending them to managers in stores for execution, controlling the layout, and analyzing the results of sales.


The planogramming department includes:


  • a leader with experience in setting up all planogramming processes;


  • planogram makers - responsible for all processes of creating and updating planograms;


  • managers perform the layout in the store according to planograms.


You may not have a planogramming department, but it is important that all processes, from planogram creation to layout control, work like a Swiss watch.


You don't have to create a department if you have a small chain of stores.  With no more than 20 retail outlets, it will be enough for the chain to attract additional employees. Category managers, marketers, and merchandisers can help with planogramming.

If the network is larger, then there are more processes that require additional resources. When a leader sees chaos and lack of control, then it's time to automate planogramming and create a separate team.


How to understand that automation is needed and, hence, the planogramming department?


1. When control over the whole process is lost and there is no understanding of how and what planograms, reports, and other documentation are created.


2. There is no information about what is being done and what is not.


3. When there is no communication between employees and retail outlets.


4. When there is so much data that one person cannot cope.


Let's assume, that in a large chain of stores that operates with a large amount of data, and collaborates with a lot of suppliers, the planogram maker performs planograms manually. He collects data on turnover, profit, sales, and agreements with suppliers. This process can take a long time with large volumes.


Therefore, the systematization and automation of all planogramming processes come to the rescue.


A planogramming department is created to run all these processes with clearly defined responsibilities for each employee.

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